Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sup doods, it's next year!

Well, people have been telling me to write. I've been trying to ignore them, since I'm lazy n all that, but they just keep persisting. The last straw was Bugworlds, aka Alex, who informed me that I haven't updated in foreeeevvvveeer. Since I have nothing better to do, I guess its about time to do that.

Lately I seem to have a double life. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I like to think it is. I spent my winter break not posting on my blog, and being a wild child in my old home of Surrey, far far away from my Powell River life. I did all sorts of fun things, some of which were pretty irresponsible. A bit of a far cry from my sedate, philosophy and book-filled existance up here.

Seems I have a lot of secrets. I'm not quite sure what I think of that, because I liked to think of myself as being secret-free. No longer! I've got all these important people in my life, and they're all radically different. Most of them hate eachother, which definitely keeps things interesting. If you put all my favorite people in a room together, it would probably explode. And then I'm in the middle.

What I'm wondering about is next year. Which kind of ties into the fact that it IS next year - happy new year, guys. But I mean next year as in after I graduate. Suddenly, my lives are going to combine and there WILL be fireworks. I can't even imagine introducing my Powell friends and my Surrey friends to eachother, because everything is so different. I'm half nerdy (and proud, yo!) and half wild child. I guess this next year is going to be all about finding myself.

We talked about New Years resolutions in my Psycology class today. I don't have any, except to finish this next year on top. I think I would like to grow up a little. Have my own place - that's the biggest worry right now. Finding work, getting money. Figuring out who I'm going to live with - the best friend or the boyfriend? Both have proposed plans for future living arrangements, and I'd love to be with them both but who knows?

I think this next year is more full of questions than anything. That's cool, of course - questions lead to answers, right? There's a lot of potential. I think that we're all worried about what's going to happen.

A conversation with a friend led to this idea - graduation feels a lot like the first day of kindergarten. We don't really know what's coming. Of course, friends and family have tried to prepare us, but you can't really understand something until you experience it. It's exciting and terrifying.

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  1. I've always assumed that graduating and shifting into the 'working world,' as many of my relatives describe life after high school, will be something like the way you described it; just with more words and acquard phrases to try to piece it together. I've just done what I can to assume that it is going to be easy, even though it appears to be difficult. Most hurtles in life are usualy more frightening when they are just a concept. Once they are over, these events do not appear to be as bad as they were thought to be.
    I can't say I remember my first day of kindergarten, but I'm sure I was much more excited about it than I am graduating. I'm going to be using this metaphor next time someone mentions grad though, I'll be sure to credit you and this unnamed friend.