Monday, January 31, 2011

sometimes words trickle through my mind and, a willing slave to my subconscious, I line them up and write them down.

I like to sit in a room made of my thoughts and ponder the questions that echo back and forth, that bounce off the walls of my brain. I drown myself in the dreamland in my head and choke on the heavy ideas that linger there.  I engulf myself with wonder and awe, tease myself with curiosity. I aspire, I desire, I hunt down knowledge like a starving wolf and revel in the both the chase and the satisfaction of a kill. And the more I know, the more I need; I crave it with a passion, yearn for that fire in my veins. There is no stopping, I am past the point of no return - this addiction is for life. I picture realities beyond our own, I will fix the world. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the painter of this portrait will never stop moving his brush. We live in a Never Ending Story but we can edit the plot as we go along. To control the past is to control the future; but we have no control of either. We are blind mice and no one knows which is a trap and where is the safe food. All we can do is guess and as we guess our way blindly we realize how little we truly know. There is a constant conflict inside my mind as I lust for untold stories, and yet must accept humbly that I can only ever understand such a small amount of that is happening around me. No one knows everything, except maybe the Gods, and even they are debatable.


  1. I like that.
    It's passionate, honest, deep, and poetic.

  2. I just found your blog and started creeeeeeping it,
    anyways, you're super rad, I've told you that before
    but seriously, this is amazing, all of this.
    You're an incredible writer, never ever ever ever ever ever stop writing, or thinking the way you do. CAUSE ITS AWESOME! :D

  3. You are quite the incredibly poetic writer. You paint a diverse picture of our world and our existence.
    However, you are wrong to say that "I will fix the world." You will not. Like every idealist before you, you will only make an impact, at the most.
    Keep striving for that impact, however, as it is what the world deserves, and what you should give as a parting gift. The central tenets of humanity will remain, however, and again and again humanity with go back and forth between what it knows, what it think it knows, and what it imagines... all of which will take the place of reality proper from time to time.

    Neither you nor anyone else will ever fix the world. Humanity is fundamentally at odds with itself.

    Once again, however, strive for that impact. Live for others. It will boost you to the top of that monolithic structure... and it will show you the rainbow beyond black and white.

    -Matt Huecroft