Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wish my bedroom was in a basement so I could say I'm Planning World Domination in My Basement but it isn't so I can't say that and anways I'm not really planning world domination just thinking about LIFE N STUFF but I Feel Like A Rebel so This Sentence has no punk-tuation also I like how this title is longer than my blog post because it adds an element of random and I appreciate random

I want to do everything and anything but sometimes do nothing at all.
I want to travel the world and build a home base.
I want to eat inedible foods for breakfast, exotic meals for lunch, and cook delicious dinners at home.
I want to live selfishly while helping others.
I want to see the world and explore the inside of my head.
I want to be respected by my cat and best friends with my kids.

Life is exciting.


  1. I have to say I loved the line about Living selfishly while helping others. Before I read the post I read the title, and then looked at the URL to see what it had been shortened to. I think it worked out great, how the URL is expalined at the end of the post.

  2. "I want to live selfishly while helping others."
    Live for everyone, equally. Do not value yourself more than you value others, aside from the default requirement of the necessities (ex: bathing yourself, minding the health of your body, time to yourself as well, etc.)
    Remember, everyone is, in fact, you. If you live for others, you will find that you will be living more for yourself than if you simply lived for yourself.

    Living for only yourself leaves you on a lonely little platform.
    Letting everyone else boost you while you live for all of them, as well as yourself, leaves you on a well-inhabited, satisfied monolithic structure in which the entire world is open to you.

    -Matt Huecroft.