Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cuddling a knife won't make it any less sharp.


It's a topic that tends to attract people.

I've got a boyfriend. Miracle of miracles, he's not an ex-boyfriend. One issue we have, though, is the fact that I'm not necessarily very affectionate. Which isn't to say I don't care - obviously I do, why else would I have a boyfriend? Maybe some girls see them like accessories to tote around, but I find cute handbags much less of a stress if all I want is something showy. But I view my relationship as a kind of friendship that goes to the next level. Maybe if it was an accessory I'd boast of it to the world in adooorable facebook statuses ("Going to sleep, school tomorrow! Love you babe") that incorporate affection into something unrelated, or want to cuddle in front of all of my friends.

It comes up in debates and discussions about relationships. I'm not a romantic. I won't sacrifice my life in the name of true love, or anything dramatic like that. Romeo and Juliet makes me scoff, and Snow White always seemed like a jerk for ditching those dwarves for a prince she'd just met. I don't ever plan to be swept off my feet - I'd much rather have a nice calm, supporting partnership. Romance is important, of course, but not the center of my life!

Note: see how it says "The Unromantic" in big white letters at the top of the page?

I'm sick of all of this stuff about how I should shape my life around my relationship, etc, etc. I'm seventeen! I haven't even graduated highschool yet! Obviously I'm selfish, I'm trying to start the foundations for the rest of my life. Everything that is happening right now is temporary. EVERYTHING! In fact, in a few years I'll be in Quebec, with not one of the people I know today around me.

Romance is the LAST thing on my mind. I love my boyfriend. I like my relationship. But I do think we have more important things to worry about than happily-ever-after. Can't we just focus on the NOW, and whether we like eachother and suit eachother in this moment, than whether our actions are going to lead to lifelong marital bliss?

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