Saturday, November 20, 2010

when i was younger my mother taught me that the only way to remove a weed was to dig up its roots


                is the right to choose between two different sets of liars
      with two different sets of lies.

is the right to have any leader we want, of of a
           carefully selected list.

is the right to be free
                          as long as we follow the system.

is the right to elect a man into power
whom we will inevitably hate anyways.                

is the right to color in whichever box we choose,
but not to color outside of the box.


  1. This is great. I love the title. The use of.. free verse I think? I forget what the correct term for it is, although I know I need to know it for english. I like the use of the lines not being in perfect order.

    I just relized I'm not subscribed to you, I thought I had done that. This will be fixed.

  2. "when i was younger my mother taught me that the only way to remove a weed was to dig up its roots."

    I truly agree with you. And this is quite the incredible post. Keep up your artistic writing endeavors... you've definitely got a touch of genius.

    However... I have gone through 90% of your blog posts, and find the recurring theme to be your relationship. In all of them relating either entirely or partially to it, you are in a state of denial. You accept the idea that you are afraid of dependence, as you believe it means you need the person. It does not, however. Only during my childhood, when I relied on my parents, did I ever need anyone. After I left home (well, before, as well), I came to the realization that I need no one in my life, especially no one in particular. But I thoroughly prefer many different peoples company. Especially my beloved. I could move on without her, which would prove on it's own that I never needed her, but once again, I would prefer not too. She is something incredibly important in my life.

    I guess what I'm saying, and I may be wrong in this overall evaluation, is that you need to stop accepting your problems, and start removing your weeds by digging up their roots. A problem is not there to be ignored or accepted. A problem is there to be repaired. Grasp your problems by the roots, and tear them from the ground before they grow into weeds that will choke away something beautiful.
    If that has already occurred, then get rid of those weeds anyways. Who knows? Perhaps something thoroughly beautiful with return to you... and garden of true love.

    Simply do not let those weeds strangle that beautiful garden to death. Clear the garden of all such dangers and issues, and enjoy its beauty. Make its beauty last as long as you can. Continue to remove the weeds as they appear. Do not wait, and do not hesitate. If you wait or hesitate, then something vital to the gardens beauty may be choked to death. If that has already occurred, replant the seeds for what was lost after removing the weed.

    Work hard to maintain that garden. Show it love and care, all unconditionally. Do not threaten to destroy it, and do not let it destroy itself.

    -Matt Huecroft