Friday, November 5, 2010


Things that make me redonkulously happy: this

Katie Makkai comes down hard on the concept of "pretty". I love this.

What does  pretty mean, anyways? That's my question to you. Everyone seems to have a different opinion - and, to quote a good friend of mine - "there is no greater opinion". That means, kids, that NO ONE'S opinion is more powerful than anyone else's. If your momma thinks you're beautiful, who's to say that the hot, uninterested guy from the football team has a more important opinion? Maybe he just likes a different kind of girl.

And who decided it was so important, anyways? Ask any really pretty girl, and she'll tell you she's sick and tired of all the people who only are interested in her because of her appearance. Bleck! What kind of gift is that? Better to know you're being appreciated for your personality, your style - yourself!

On top of that, physical appearance is surprisingly flexible. Go look at your student picture from Grade 9. You look a lot different, eh? Nothing is stopping you from continuing that process. If you dislike something, change it. The only thing to remember is to STAY FLEXIBLE - what you want now, might not be what you want in twenty years. Don't lose your nose forever.

Me, I'm going to keep getting ridiculous haircuts and wearing crazy pants, because pretty is overrated. I don't have time to worry about making myself look good to other people, when I already like how I look to myself.

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