Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Most Comfortable Fence

 This is actually stolen from my Posterous blog... but I like it so much, I decided I wanted it to be on this one, since this will hopefully be my main blog.

Gee, what's the most controversal topic I can think of? Oh, I know! Religion!

I was raised atheist but I always believed in God - just kind of subconsciously in the back of my head. So... I believe in God. I'm not Christian, though - I mean, God exists, but who decided he was this guy with a white beard who liked to smite people and had a Son named Jesus? The Bible was written by men.

I'm not really into any other religions, either. Islam is too similar, and Wicca? Uhhhhhhhhhhh... same story. Who decided that God was a chick who's omnipresent and likes little ceremonies involving candles and stuff? Sounds human again, except maybe a woman wrote that one.

And that's what religion really is - opinions. Everyone took the same idea, and then twisted it to suit their needs. Even atheists are just people who feel more comfortable in a world where there isn't a God watching them.

The thing about opinions, though, is that people like to share them. While I was quietly plodding along as an agnostic-atheist type, all my Christian friends would never leave me alone - "Jesus loves you! Jesus needs you!" When I decided to give Christianity its fair chance and started researching into the religion, it was the atheist friends' turn - "God is phony! You'll believe anything!"

My conclusion? There is no right answer. I think Jesus is just fine the way he is - he's got lots of supporters. Personally, I'm not interested in the apocalypse, or acheiving eternal life - I just want to live this life. As for atheism, its just another extreme I'm not interested in - there's just as much proof to either way. I'm not going to let religious extremists tell me what to think, and I'm not going to let atheist extremests try either. I'm a fencesitter for life, believing in some faceless, nameless God - and that's all I need for want. I LOVE this fence.

On the other hand, maybe becoming Pastafarian is the answer. Flying Spaghetti Monster, here I come. <3


  1. It's funny reading about your belief in God, whilst having read a post posted a month later in which you are a 'stone-cold atheist.'

    Do not continue to alter your core beliefs so drastically. You are young, however, and this may be a time of personal revolution for you, especially considering you are on your way to Grad.

    If you are going to change such core beliefs, be willing to change everything else as well. This does not mean you WILL or will HAVE to change any of them... but it means, do not resist change, if it makes sense.

    The aim of life is self-development. Remember that.

    -Matt Huecroft.

  2. Weeeell... thank you for noticing that I've been changing and the encouragement? I suppose you could say I'm a religious romantic - I'd like to be religious because I love the idea of it, but I'm not really, as I've been realizing over time. No life after death for me, please!