Saturday, April 9, 2011

For shame, humanity!

Kristen Stewart turns 21 Saturday: Will she celebrate in Vancouver or Squamish?

Yeah, that's a legitimate news article I found in Google News, under the Vancouver, BC section.

Not gonna lie, I'm ashamed! When  things like the Al-Quada threat letters claiming to have 160 hidden nuclear bombs throughout the United States (CBS no longer has this story on their website? But it is in other places - thank you, Internet, for freedom of thought!), or even the fact that that the 155th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan just died are not even mentioned. Not to mention that all the media is talking non-stop about the election, yet usually failing to actually say anything.

God, it just drives me crazy! My Law class has a weekly current events day, and we discuss things like murder and child pornography cases - which are important too, don't get me wrong - but rarely world issues. When will people step up and EDUCATE themselves about the world we live in? Most of us don't care about much past what we're going to wear the next day and when our next date will be.

No wonder we are kept so much in the dark about what really goes on in international affairs. It isn't hard to keep people ignorant when they are so apathetic. I remember, the night that the news stories about Japan's tsunami started popping up, the top story on Google News was about something one of the Canuck hockey players did.

Remember WikiLeaks? My friends and I were so excited about how it would change governments around the world, and honesty. Hah! Like so many things, it's been hushed down and no one really cares anymore.

Apathy will be the death of us! Tragic, when we live in a time when some overrated pop actor's birthday party is more interesting to the general public than where their tax money goes, or the death of our soldiers in Afghanistan, or even the possibility of our next door neighbour the US being under a serious terrorist threat. Now, I do not believe they really are - but still, shouldn't we bother to care?

I look forward to the day when I can read the news without having to sort through endless crap about the Canucks doing whatever stupid stuff they do, or silly celebrities coming to visit.


  1. youre absolutely right sista!!! ya ever get the feeling that we re talkin to ourselves out here?

  2. hahaha I do, I do! I read your posts, if it helps any... but man, is everybody just blind, or do they not care? Some of each?


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