Thursday, February 24, 2011

what's up with being bi(sex)ual

Today was Anti-bullying Day. Y'know, the one where people wear pink and are supposedly nice to eachother. (Didn't quite work that way, but lots of people wore pink!) Anyways, at some point this morning my friends started talking about homosexuality.

What a controversial issue. Most of my friends aren't homophobic, of course; for a lot of us, that's something belonging to past generations. Today, we've grown used to our gay friends being around - and tolerance levels makes everyone a little more open.

In fact, its amazing how many people are just a little bit gay. Every where you look, there's experimentation. We're all open to the idea that it could be fun to kiss the same sex. More girls, I think, than guys, because lesbians are often a male fantasy and primarily straight girls see their willingness to experiment as a bonus to their sexual allure. But even the rare guy will admit to that little dream, that make out session, that willingness to try something different.

Why is everyone becoming less heterosexual? I think it's because we feel free to.

Bisexuality is nothing new. In ancient Greece, it was normal for men to have sex with their wives for procreation, and sex with other men for fun. After all, what is the harm? Sex with women lead to pregnancies - sex with men lead to nothing at all, except maybe an inability to sit for a while. Erm, bad joke. Excuse me...

Anyways, casual bum-sex died out, I'm guessing, with paganism. I'll have to double-check my facts. Good thing this is a blog, and it's okay for me to put theories out there.

Christianity has something against sex for pleasure. I'm not sure why, but naturally a religion that discourages casual sex (in fact, any sex outside of a lifelong bond) is going to discourage sexual activities that have no practical purpose! Well, except that sexual relations have been proven to improve relationship quality... but they didn't know about that back then, since most sex was a lot different than sex today.

If gay sex was a fad, it was in big time but went out big time, and it looks like it's creeping back. That's cool with me - I can't wait until the house parties where it's a pair of drunken boys in the corner making out, rather than girls! Anyways, I might add on to this at a later date, but right now I'm super tired.

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